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Parameter „List Category Posts“

das „@“ ist durch „a“ zu ersetzen!

  • name – To display posts from a category using the category’s name. Ex: [c@tlist name=mycategory]
  • id – To display posts from a category using the category’s id. Ex: [c@tlist id=24]. You can include several categories: Ex: [c@tlist id=17,24,32] or exclude a category with minus (-) Ex: [c@tlist id=17,-24] If you use both arguments (id and name = wrong!), List Category Posts will show the posts from the category in ’name‘.
  • tag – Tag support, you can display posts from a certain tag.
  • orderby – To customize the order. Valid values are:
    • author – Sort by the numeric author IDs.
    • category – Sort by the numeric category IDs.
    • content – Sort by content.
    • date – Sort by creation date.
    • ID – Sort by numeric post ID.
    • menu_order – Sort by the menu order. Only useful with pages.
    • mime_type – Sort by MIME type. Only useful with attachments.
    • modified – Sort by last modified date.
    • name – Sort by stub.
    • parent – Sort by parent ID.
    • password – Sort by password.
    • rand – Randomly sort results.
    • status – Sort by status.
    • title – Sort by title.
    • type – Sort by type. Ex: [c@tlist name=mycategory orderby=date]
  • order – How to sort orderby. Valid values are:
    • ASC – Ascending (lowest to highest).
    • DESC – Descending (highest to lowest). Ex: [c@tlist name=mycategory orderby=title order=asc]
  • numberposts – Number of posts to return. Set to 0 to use the max number of posts per page. Set to -1 to remove the limit. Default: 5. Ex: [c@tlist name=mycategory numberposts=10]
  • date – Display post’s date next to the title. Default is ’no‘, use date=yes to activate it.
  • author – Display the post’s author next to the title. Default is ’no‘, use author=yes to activate it.
  • dateformat – Format of the date output. Default is get_option(‚date_format‘)
  • template – File name of template from templates directory without extension. Example: For ‚template.php‘ value is only ‚template‘. Default is ‚default‘ that means template in code of plugin not in template file, that’s an unordered list (ul html tag) with a CSS class: ‚lcp_catlist‘
  • excerpt – Display the post’s excerpt. Default is ’no‘, use excerpt=yes to activate it.
  • excludeposts – IDs of posts to exclude from the list. Ex: [c@tlist excludeposts=12,52,37]
  • offset – You can displace or pass over one or more initial posts which would normally be collected by your query through the use of the offset parameter.
  • content – Show the full content of the post. Default is ’no‘. Ex: [c@tlist content=yes]
  • catlink – Show the link to the category. Use the template system to customize its display using the variable $cat_link_string. Default is ’no‘. Ex: [c@tlist catlink=yes].

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